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So,Talking approximately the entire call of PUBG Mod APK, its market is. Player Anonymous Battlegrounds This is a laptop and cellular game that turned into released in 2017. So, it has emerged as famous all around the world. For instance, it turned into first released in PUBG PC for Microsoft Windows. After that, it’s been released on Android gadgets, and these days additionally in G iOS.

This game turned into created through the Blue hole. An organization that produced Korean video games and then evolved through Tencent games. Then Tencent cellular teamed up with the gentle pace and quantum studio. Like PUBG Mobile mod apk is made without spending a dime download.

Additional information:

Version0.19.0 [Latest]
Last Update2 August 2020
Offered ByTencent


PUBG Mod APK Features

1. Realistic Weapons

• The game builders have saved the game as actual as feasible so that everybody can play it easily. The game additionally has all of the guns, which might be primarily based totally on real firearms, inclusive of Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Pistols, Melee Weapons, etc.

AR Weapons:

You can shield your self the use of Assault Rifles guns for near and medium-variety fighting. Which consists of SCAR-L, M16A4, Groza, AKM, AUG A3, M416, QBZ95, Beryl M762, Mk47 mutants, and G37A, etc. DMRs, which might be guns among Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, are DMRs like SKS, Mk14, Mini 14, SLR, QBU, and VSS, etc.

 SMG Weapons:

For the near fight, you’ll be higher to apply SMG Weapon as their fire-charge is quicker than guns. So you can defeat your enemy through firing greater gun-photographs in much less time; list of Submachine Guns These encompass Micro UZI, UMP9, Tommy Gun, Vector, PP-19 Bizon and MP5K, etc.

Sniper Rifles:

Here you get Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles and DMR, which we’ve got already advised you, you could use AWM, M24, Karabiner ninety-eight Kurz (Kar98k), and Win94 to defeat the enemy in long-distance. is

LMG Weapons:

Which way Light Machine Guns, with Light Machine Guns, you could defeat your enemy through giving high-Damage with Fire-Rate greater than the attack rifles. However, they’ve meager railroading pace, so with an Assault Use rifles that have DP-28 and M249 provisions.


Shotguns can bring pellets full of guns, which is more significant in capturing at brief distances.

Other P. Weapons:

Smoke Hand Grenade, Frag Grenade, Stun Grenade in Throwables, And get Molo-cocktail. Melee Weapons have sickle, kulhada, crowbar, and cauldron to stun your enemy.


2. PUBG Game Maps

• PUBG Mobile has four maps, which might be Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikandi that is presently in beta testing.

• Erangel: This is the default map of the game, which is likewise referred to as Alpha Map; this map is primarily based totally on the Russian plane, given the maximum popularity.

Miramar: Miramar is likewise referred to as Desert Map, a massive map like a desolate tract wherein there may be no buffalo in any respect, and it’s far the giant map of PUBG.

• Sanhok: This is a wild map whose length could be minimal; however, it’s far similarly tough to play in it, the enlarged raft and occasional area by skip like a Southeast Asian Forest map.

• Vikendi: This is Adriatic Island and an icy plan whose length is barely considerable than Sanhok and smaller than Erangel that is presently primarily based totally on beta testing.

• Erangel 2.0 (Redesigned): PuBJ has redesigned its oldest map with a brand new method to the Erangel map, which is about to be renamed Erangel 2.0.

3. Team Up With Friends

• You can play this game together along with your buddies and talk with them with the assist of voice chat and manual your crew and win this battleground, from the Coordinate given withinside the map for your crew Victim Telling your vicinity and invite your buddies to crew up with them and speak with the assist of Voice Chat, you get actual-existence enjoy in PUBG cellular game.a

How to Play PUBG Hack APK

PUBG Mobile Mod apk is an aggressive third-man or woman shooter game wherein a hundred Players are concurrently dispatched to an island, and it wins the individual that survives to the give up. You aren’t given something in it. However, it would help if you located the Weapon and Medicine withinside the town itself. As time progresses, the battlefield additionally will become smaller. And the more fantastic this game will become tough.

Initially, you need to accumulate a hundred Players on an island, wherein you could go along with Solo, Duo, and your Squad; after that, you need to go along with your crew with a parachute on eight × eight Km Island through an Airplane.

After that, go to the ground, visit the homes close to you and accumulate Weapons, Ammo, Healings, Clothes, Weapons, Bag, and Medicine from you to allow you to stay on this battleground, if now no longer kill the enemies around you. We will destroy, so it’s far obligatory to have guns.

If you kill an enemy, you could visit his Create and accumulate all his matters. This Play quarter is barely large while you land on this island. Keep checking the map and live withinside the Play Zone.

Gradually the Blue Zone will become narrower, permitting the ultimate gamers to skip, and whoever receives out of the Play Zone, his fitness energy decreases, and he dies.

How To PUBG Mod Apk Download-

1. Keep in thoughts that each game has documents, one is the APK document, and the alternative is the OBB document.

2. So you need to download each copy, and each form is round 2GB.

3. You get OBB and APK documents from beneath the given link, so click on them beneath.

Four. After that, you may be redirected to the following page, wherein you’ll generate the Downloading link.

5. After producing the link, you could download it through clicking at the Final download button.

How To Install PUBG Mobile

Step 1.

First of all, you need to download the PUBG Mod APK document and OBB from the given download link.

Step 2.

It might also make an effort to download as it’s far a 2GB document, so preserve persistence and set it up while it’s far downloaded.

Step 3.

To set up in your cellular, the Unknown supply ought to be enabled. You can permit it through going to Settings > Additional Settings > Unknown Source.

Step 4.

After that, the APK is installed, PUBG Mod will now no longer run due to the fact you need to connect the statistics document (OBB) that you have downloaded above.

Step 5.

You will open the document supervisor and replica the OBB document from wherein you’ve got downloaded it and visit the Android folder. OBB folder wherein you’ll paste the folder containing Tencent.

Step 6.

After that, you’ve got to test your community connection and open the document, then it’ll connect with the server and affirm each statistics from the server, and your game will start.



PUBG is the maximum searchable game for iPhone and iPad after the Fornite. There may be no want for jailbreak or any form of software to run Pubg iOS so that you could revel in your preferred game with no problems. In Pubg Hack iOS, you’ll get a few unique capabilities consisting of a Higher pace, Xray spider hackers, Hide timber or bushes, Hide bridges, and no human verification or survey to download.


PUBG can be install for PC. However, you need to should desirable device requirement to Run PUBG for PC easily. So, PUBG PC document length is just too massive so that you want a terrific net connection to download it. Playing Pubg on PC offers you a notable enjoy, and desirable manipulate over your guns. In addition, it required a few precise matters to run smoothly in your Pc. I even have written an info manual approximately to assist in download the document and run smoothly in your Desktop or Laptop.

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