10 reasons to play chess. The big benefits of chess!

Chess is an amazing game that most people enjoy. If you are a chess enthusiast, you have likely taken interest in the online version as well.

Chess has various benefits and thus should be played by every individual.

In fact, this is a game that even children are encouraged to play as it increases their IQ, improves spatial skills, focus, etc.

reasons to play chess

This game is loved all over the world and known for various benefits. Thanks to the online version, people can now socialize while staying at home by playing this game. Instead of going to classes, libraries, or tournaments, it is better to stay at home and enjoy online chess games. It is fun, entertaining, and guess what? Saves you money for travelling as well.

Chess involves an intellectual challenge, which is enjoyed by so many people across the globe. It helps prevent diseases as well by keeping the brain super-active.

As per a May 2020 article by Forbes magazine, it has been said that speed chess has a massive fanbase and more and more users are playing the game as it is extremely entertaining.

It develops the ability to see from another perspective

Since the game involves IQ, it enables you to see things from someone else’s perspective. You have to understand the moves of your opponent as well so that you can beat him or her on the next move. With practice, you would be able to predict things better. You have to understand which move will he/she take next. Play chess online so that you can keep yourself entertained while staying at home.

Chess improves memory 

It is a proven fact that chess, indeed, does improve memory. The game really includes taking note of multiple combinations of moves and their respective results. On this note, you might remember the fact cheese players have excellent memory power.

The game helps you hone this skill. In an experiment, it was found that chess experts are way better than others when it comes to remembering words.

They have a unique quality to remember visual patterns. This, of course, is a result of memorizing complex chess positions.

Improves reading skills

Yes, it has been also proved that chess improves reading skills. This is another reason why you should invest time in this game. Always remember there is nothing better than keeping your brain engaged – reading is one of the best ones.

Chess increases your intelligence

Chess actually helps in sharpening your problem-solving skills as well as intelligence. It is always said people who play chess are smarter. It doesn’t mean that they are born intelligent. Instead, it means that chess helps them sharpen their abilities and IQ. You are better at problem-solving as well because you have to guess your opponent’s move.

This amazing game helps one with fluid intelligence as well. You should indulge in online chess if you really want to enhance your processing speed i.e. that ability to quickly comprehend tasks and respond to the same.

Always remember that no one becomes a genius overnight. It takes practice, dedication, and love in art or sports.

The game increases creativity

No matter how bizarre it sounds, it is true that chess helps in enriching your creative power. Since you always have to think about patterns, plan strategies and come up with alternative solutions for certain situations, your creative power gets enriched. The more you practice, the more enhancement happens.

Better planning skills

The game even enables better planning skills. It is pretty much obvious because it includes periods of silent contemplation. Every move requires some kind of thought and strategic thinking. With chess, you can actually get better at your office work as well. It will open your mind and help you predict every eventuality.

This is undoubtedly a cognitive health benefit of playing the game. It is almost like training the mind via a game.

Therapy becomes more effective

If you are taking the help of therapy to heal, then chess can prove to be of utmost benefit to you. Some counsellors even ask their patients to get enrolled in chess classes. But now you can do so via online chess only. You can learn the tips and tricks on websites only.

It is a creative therapy strategy, which has proved to be beneficial to many people. Your therapist can track your behaviour by taking a look at your responses while playing the game.

It acts as a barrier against Dementia

Yes, you read that right. It has very deep-rooted benefits. The game offers protection against dementia.

Since the game challenges calculation, planning, memory, visual and spatial skills, and more, it can help fight or at least postpone the effects of dementia.

Online chess helps in reducing anxiety

In today’s world, it is very obvious to feel anxious because of the pandemic. It has changed our lives and has taken a toll on us. The uncertainty around us can even lead to something as serious as panic attacks. If you play online, you would also be able to socialize with other chess enthusiasts. By escaping from the real world for some time, you would be able to feel calmer and better.

It is always better to keep your mind occupied with something as engaging as chess.

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Chess allows you to enter a flow state 

You might be wondering what a flow state is. Well, it is mainly about focusing on the task in a way that their entire concentration is on the game only.

So these are a few advantages of this amazing game. If you are passionate about it, go ahead and explore the online version at https://www.mpl.live/chess.

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