How to use Logify Whatsapp Tracker | Reviews and Features

What if your children are not at school when they say they are? What if your friend comes online when you’re sleeping?

These are some common problems we get or we are afraid of.

But you know what? You can free yourself from all those tensions. You can track anyone’s WhatsApp activity without knowing them!

Now you can breathe peacefully, no?

Let’s see why Whatsapp Tracker has won so many hearts, How does it claim to be the safest one, and also, I will share Carefast tech website reviews about this app.

Keep reading!

whatsapp tracker review

What is a Whatsapp Tracker?

WhatsApp tracker allows you to check your profile visitors in a few seconds. You can also check anyone’s location through this app. This platform allows you to track your closed ones.

You can track your kids, friends, or any WhatsApp contact. No matter if you are online or offline you can always know what they are doing.

This is an excellent cutting-edge technology that serves parental control and tracking services for 24/7.


  1. It is the most simple and intuitive interface that anyone can access.
  2. It is a useful and convenient app to track your profile visitors.
  3. It includes a location tracker that gives you a clear idea of your contact’s whereabouts.
  4. It does not show delays or lags.

How to use Logify WhatsApp tracker?

Logify WhatsApp tracker is compatible with all devices. As soon as you download it you can start checking the WhatsApp activity of your child.

  • It asks you to choose any of the three plans.
  • Weekly plan for 3.49 dollars per week.
  • Monthly plans are the most popular one. It costs 9.99 dollars per month.
  • While the Monthly Plus is a bit expensive. It charges 12.99 dollars per month.
  • Using the first two ones you can track only one number while the third one allows you to track two numbers at a time.

What do you get in these subscription plans?

  • Detailed reports
  • Real-time notifications unlimited
  • notifications
  • 24/7 supports

Logify WhatsApp Tracker App Review

  1. Users are happy and do not complain about any delays or lags by far. It is completely safe and secure to use.
  2. It does not use your card details as it is encrypted.
  3. You can unsubscribe the plans whenever you want.


Carefast Reviews on Whatsapp Tracker

Recently, Carefast has also shared positive reviews about Logify Whatsapp tracker. Users loved the reviews and you can also read about its reviews there. For those, who don’t know about care fast. Let me explain a little bit about it.

Carefast is a tech website that shares reviews about the latest and trending apps. It shares content related to the app reviews. You can learn about the interesting and amazing applications that are available in the market.

Carefast shares the content on a regular basis. One can access the latest and updated content there. You will learn about the latest tricks and hacks on the Carefast app like how to monitor WhatsApp last seen, WhatsApp tracking, How to unlock the mobile phone by shaking, and much more.

Carefast is famous for providing genuine reviews and ratings about the latest apps.

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